I Only See Me

​Yes, I can be pretty narcissistic. Not sometimes but most of the time.

I know I don’t write that good but I still write. I even find myself appreciating my own writing sometimes. I’m not very good at drawing and painting yet I keep on doing it and I also find myself liking my own creations. I’m not a very good ainger and I don’t play the guitar well yet I enjoy listening to myself play and sing.

I always talk about myself on social media. I talk about how funny, corny, ridiculous and stupid I am and sometimes, how I think I’m getting better at stuff.

It looks like I only see myself, my own pain and suffering. And when I’m having trouble about life and other stuff, it’s also myself that I see. Why is it so hard to find a friend whom I can tell whatever to? Is it me or is it just me or me or me or me or me? I don’t mind being on my own. I love my own company. I prefer being alone. But because I’m human, I need other human beings too. I like listening but I don’t feel like anybody can listen to me and actually hear what I’m trying to say. Is it just me or me or me or me or it’s just really me?

Yes, I only see myself and I don’t like it.