Why Not Take the Time to Just Observe?

I noticed I don’t make new friends anymore. I think I know why. I’m tired of people who want me to tell them everything about me to get to know me. I’m not good at speaking. I like people who get to know me by what they see in me now and what they notice when I talk, how I react, how I respond to things, how I do things. I get anxious every time I hear someone say, “Tell me about yourself” or “Sooooo what are the things you like?” I always take my time getting to know people and I like people who do the same. You can’t really know a person in one sitting. You can’t even say you know one so well even if you’ve known each other for years. I like people who constantly pay attention because people do change over time.
Hm. Why am I posting this? I myself am not very good at getting to know people. I’m not even good at reading facial expressions (made me think once that I’m a sociopath. Hahaha. But I’m not. No worries) and body language. I’m just saying this because I think human beings need to pay more attention to human beings. We’re all the same yet we’re all different and vice versa. I think it’s only when you constantly observe people that you can see the sadness hidden in the eyes of a clown.