The Girl with the Red Sneakers

What bright yellow dress

You are wearing this morning.

It shows no sign of stress

Though it’s the other way you are facing.

You look so classy,

Your watch told me so.

And your bag doesn’t look heavy

Just ready to go.

It was your shoes that caught my eye,

That I had to look twice.

Weren’t those shoes worn by

The girl I bid goodbye?


If We Were There

​An empty space it seems,

But an empty space it is not

If only we were there.

If we were there we can

Talk about anything whether

They make sense or not.

We’d laugh and cry,

And not want to say


Sketch me Back to Life

Sketch me back to life,

Give me form like a knife

Cuts to make a change

And can make a family strange.


Every stroke is a breath,

Every shade gives depth,

Erasures are second chances

Because we are not flawless.


The length of time doesn’t matter,

As long as every line gets you closer

To a creation from a new dimension,

Like a believable illusion.


Still, I’d like to remind you,

The outcome depends on your point of view.

So, be careful of what I’ve entrusted–

A pen that’s old and crooked.


Sketch me back to life,

So I won’t end things with a knife.

Make the act that will make the cut,

To make a stop to all my buts.