I am Human

I’ve always thought that it’s really hard being human. There are times when I think humans are so complicated that I don’t want to get out of the house anymore. Now, that view has changed a little.
It took me along time to realize I should embrace being human and start to love myself even more. How I see other people is related to how I see myself. There are times when I tend to hate myself because of my many flaws though I know that every single person on earth has flaws. And at times when I feel like nobody understands me, I feel like an alien. Sometimes I’d like to think that I came from another planet. Before it was easier for me to judge other people. When I classified a person as ‘ordinary’, I tend to not bother getting to know that person. Back then, I thought that because I’m ordinary, I should meet extraordinary people. I’ve met a few people who proved me wrong. Those people made me realize that each of us holds stories that are worth hearing even by just a few or a single person.When I was younger, I thought those people who live a simple life always get by easily, that their rough times don’t last. I was proved wrong again. We all have our share of problems. We all handle it differently.

I am trying to embrace being human. But I guess sometimes I try too hard I forget to breathe. As of now I am trying to take it easy. Pain makes us human. Imperfections make us extraordinary.



A girl was writing in a very dark room
When suddenly the door opened
And the light came in,
Too much of it,
It was blinding.
In the dark room where she wrote,
There’s not a single window.
There’s only that door.
She knew she couldn’t escape,
Her fright swallowed her whole.
Someone’s finally aware,
Someone found out about
The little things inside of her
That she never wanted to tell
To anybody else
But couldn’t contain,
So she wrote it somewhere else.
She didn’t know what to do,
But she realized
That she just have to
Learn to accept herself
And her feelings even more
‘Cause they’re as real as her
She also has to be
Stronger than she already is
And so she faced
The fear of being discovered.