Meet me in the Middle

Most of the time
I don’t go to the left or the right
It’s simple
I don’t know where to go
But I can go zigzagging if I like
I can be like a falling leaf
Getting carried by the wind
Goes wherever it will take me
Free to go that way
Then at the rarest times
When eyes are watching
Their ears exposed
And mouths are waiting for their chance
I choose between the left and the right
It’s lucky when there’s another way
I’d go for that
Free to get carried away
Free to go my own way
Both ways can hurt
Whether I’m going with the wind
Or at the direction of my own feet
I know I have to be ready
To stand up
For whatever choice I make
Coz I know
I can never go back
Sometimes I pause
Rest for a while
Or for a very long time
Coz sometimes making a choice
Or a decision
Is torture
That’s how it is
When you’re born in the middle
And stayed in the middle
And oftentimes
I wouldn’t know how to get to you
But if somehow
You really want to be close
Meet me in the middle
Maybe I’ll meet you half-way
Or we can go on our own ways


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