Creating Something New

I’ve thought about creating my own blog hundreds of times. Okay. It’s not really hundreds of times but it crossed my mind a lot of times and it were just thoughts that never came to life. I guess I’m a bit braver now ‘cos here I am and here’s the blog. Hooray! I just hope I get a little bit more interesting every day ‘cos I think I’m boring but I still find myself entertaining sometimes. Well, at least the things I write and I don’t want to just keep it all to myself.

So this is the beginning of something new. I like discovering new things (and even old things, maybe) and creating new things from the simplest one to the greatest one. Well, this one is simple and random but hopefully not too boring. If you read this short entry from beginning to end then I’ll congratulate myself. Really.

Sometimes, new things frighten me, too, and I guess it frightens other people, too, but if we get frightened of new things all the time then life would be so boring. I don’t think I’ll get to something if I keep on being frightened. That’s also one of the reasons why I finally created this blog, so things I write won’t just get stuck on notebooks and in my laptop. I want them to reach places and people. That would be really cool. I think.


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